End. Muharram. A New Beginning

Evening had come again,
A peaceful evening, with bits of the swerving wind,
Along it the cold of winter, dwelling in it, the seeds of Muharram,
As the Maghrib adhan filled the air, marked the END of "The Beginning",
A "New Beginning" STARTED,
Shall it be celebrated by tears of joy, or by the cries of sorrow?

Assalamualaikum. Ahlan Wa Sahlan 'Alaik Ya Muharram!

All praises and gratitude should be to Him, as He blessed us with the opportunity to be alive once more, to feel the coming of a new year...

The forthcoming of Muharram, brought many prosperity and blessings. It is a joyous day, marking the end of a good year, beginning of a better one. Usually, we shall hear MANY people quoting," The coming of Muharram, brought New Beginnings, New Visions, Reloaded Motivations ". Some would even add, "New Wife" :) hee~ . Anyways, these are the things that made this day into a joyous occasion. While the MANY would be doing that, SOME would be thinking of what they had done in the previous year. All the things, regardless of right or wrong, good or bad. But then again, while MANY and SOME would be doing that, only LITTLE would be reflecting upon themselves on things they had done, and making the decision not to repeat for the mistakes they made. Tears shall well in the eyes, as they regretted things that they should have done, and things that they should have not.
Every year, people would say they same thing over and over again. "New Goals, New etc.." but yet. Are the goals they set, are fulfilled in the previous year? Are they things they planned are going to be done? Are they really going to strive to realize their visions? DO THEY REALLY MEAN WHAT THEY SAY?

Let us all reflect upon our actions for the previous year. Learn from the past mistakes so that they shall never repeated again. Let us all pray for a good year this year, and for better for the next and so on...