Prophet Muhammad S.A.W

To the one most dear
and missed most-
Sallallahu alaihi Wasalam

I handed you all of me the minute
the Almighty granted me His divine light;
Its bright rays were simply overflowing with truth!

At that moment of clarity the sweetest epiphany happened-
I realized that I love you
and I love you for the sake of the Almighty alone.

Others have often talked of love;
of its blindness and power of blinding-
But mine for you is certainly not!
In both vision and conviction-
loving you has made my heart and eyes scored
the most perfect 10!

It is true that we are thousands of years apart.
Skeptics say long-distance relationship doesn't last;
and what more to say of ours-we are centuries separated!

But your love doesn’t discriminate decades and millennia.
You promised me that our love could overcome hindrances –
even one as spatial as time differences!

So as a man of your words,
you wrote me volumes of love letters
filled with a million years’ worth of guidance and wisdom.

Then there are those who do not know how special you are;
they told me that I am a dreamer-
How could I fall for one whom I have never even encountered?

But my answer for them will always be: my love is for his heart not his looks.

Wouldn’t you too, fall head over heels with someone
whose heart was so sincere and selfless
so much so that  he sacrificed all of himself
for the people whom he had not known nor acquainted?

 And the truth is,
It is not that he does not want to see me.

 It’s just that…I am too embarrassed to ask!
I am afraid that I am not the admirer I should be and-
not loving enough to be the one whom he should meet.

Maybe someday InsyaAllah.
Perhaps if I tried adequately hard to love him, I’d steal a glance or two of his beautiful face
While roaming free in Jannah:)

In commemoration of his birthday, Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.
With much love.

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